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How may we help your organization?


Drupal teams accelerators: Mentoring & Coaching

We help teams learn Drupal in the right way. We will work with your existing teams on your current projects in a way that improves their internal Drupal skills and knowledge while accelerating the development progress.

We offer advice on how to solve problems with Drupal. We will explain the design weaknesses and warn your team of common mistakes and pitfalls. By saving your team the trouble of having to research and learn how to deliver every new requirement, we save you time and money.

Maybe you need a completely site migration, rebuild or redesign. Maybe your in-house team just needs a helpful push in the right direction. No matter where you are in your development cycle, Interdruper can give you access to our many years of experience.

Projects Offices / Project Management

Talking about Drupal projects, we may help you on planning internal and external activities and tasks to meet the projects' requirements.

Managing a Drupal project does not only mean to monitor timelines, deliverables and budgets. We can not underestimate the technical supervision, assuring that all the timelines are realistic, the tasks are correctly prioritized, and specially, that all the deliverables have the proper quality, speaking in Drupal QA terms. Your Drupal applications must have the right architecture from the beginning. To make sure that the analysis phase has no design issues is critical. This is specially important if you work with several providers, with different levels of knowledge of the Drupal Development Cycle.

We can help you in ensuring that all your Drupal projects, both internal and subcontracted, are properly planned and executed. This is the secret of the success of your IT strategy.

Drupal on-site & remote consulting

Help needed in gathering application requirements from users and translating them in correct Drupal design decisions?

About setting up test and application stress environments?

About defining the most efficient and helpful development-test-production workflow?

About preparing RFPs for Drupal applications and evaluating the providers' proposals?

Maybe your in-house team just needs a helpful push in the right direction.

Our consultants may work side-by-side with your teams in all theses tasks, or whichever related to Drupal technical issues.

Training in the Drupal Development Cycle

We call it DDC, and it is based on the Agile methodology. The Drupal Development Cycle is not just adding contrib modules as building blocks. It is not only selecting a modern theme and customizing it. Even it is not mastering PHP language for modifying modules or templates to get the desired results...

To be proficient in the Drupal Development Cycle means to design the optimal architecture to your site's requirements, with the minimal content types, blocks and views. To build always thinking in the user experience, transactions, performance and traffic. To create maintainable code, keeping all the configurations in code, and adopting the best 'state-of-art' practices accepted by the community. To know how to develop in teams, mastering the git and development flows. To learn why tests and continuous integration procedures are a benefit in every project and a must in the big ones.

We really can help and train your teams in managing the above areas.


Security, SEO, performance... discover how easy can be to improve your Drupal site!