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Do not put your projects at risk because of a lack of Drupal talent.

Our core features

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Interdruper helps companies and their teams to succeed with Drupal

  • Drupal teams accelerators: Mentoring & Coaching
  • Projects Offices / Project Management
  • Defining front-end and back-end architecture and patterns
  • Applying agile methodology and dev workflow to Drupal projects
  • Drupal education and courses on-demand


Keeping your Drupal sites supported and updated can be a headache. Not for us!

  • 24-hours response time, 7-days a week
  • Powerful ticketing system and time tracker
  • Dedicated account manager at your disposal
  • Several support plans available


Does your Drupal site need an in-depth diagnosis?
Discover our packages:

  • Drupal Security audits
  • SEO for Drupal sites
  • Drupal Performance tuning


Do not put in risk your strategic projects in Drupal.

  • Content strategy for large libraries and publishers
  • Integration with 3rd party API and legacy systems
  • Multi-language, multi-currency online stores with Drupal Commerce
  • Advanced UX design and experiences using state-of-art technologies


Our team has a large experience in Drupal migrations of various sizes and complexity

  • Migrations from D6, D7, D8 or D9 to D10
  • Migrations from other platforms: Wordpress, Joomla, proprietary CMS...
  • Content migration by Feeds, Migrate API and/or web scraping
  • E-commerce site migrations (from Prestashop, Magento or WordPress) to Drupal Commerce


24-hours response time (*)

Your tickets will be attended within 24-hour period (*), 7 days a week, public holidays included.

(*) Response times can vary depending on the plan.

Dedicated account manager

A permanent Account manager will be assigned to you, supervising all your tickets and attending your requests.

Powerful ticketing system (*)

Raise your tickets in our powerful ticketing system, getting anytime a detailed status and tracing of your requests. Alternatively, we can use your corporate ticketing system.

(*)Available only in the Premium Support Package.

Accurate time estimations

All your tickets will be estimated tighly and will be started only after your approval.

Phone and email hotline

You can get in touch with your account manager by phone, e-mail or the ticketing system.

Server management

We work with you existing hosting, or with our Amazon AWS based infrastructure, if you have chosen any of our hosting plans.

All the plans include

  • Drupal support hot-line (email & phone)
  • Same-day security updates for core
  • Offsite backups policy management
  • Disaster Recovery Management
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Drupal 6, 7, 8 and 9 covered
  • Renewable per month basis

Basic support

$ 199 / per month
  • 48-hours maximum response time
  • 4 hours of support and maintenance per month
  • 1 hour of custom Drupal site building and/or development per month
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Standard support

$ 299 / per month
  • 24-hours maximum response time
  • 10 hours of support and maintenance per month
  • 2 hours of custom Drupal site building and/or development per month
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Premium support

$ 999 / per month
  • 12-hours maximum response time
  • 30 hours of support and maintenance per month
  • 10 hours of custom Drupal site building and/or development per month
  • The best choice for adding new features on demand for your site
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Drupal Security audits

Drupalgeddon was a serious security incident happened in October 2014 that affected hundreds of thousands of Drupal sites all over the world. Due to a hidden PHP bug inside the Drupal core code, attackers could get control of the database and all the information kept inside. Since Drupal vulnerabilities are disclosed publicly, massive attacks to Drupal sites were performed just hours after the vulnerability was announced.

But none of the Drupal sites from our customers were affected by the attack. If the right security policies are followed in the Drupal sites and in the hosting servers, even serious attacks like Drupalgeddon are highly limited.

A wrong or incomplete roles and permissions policy for the users of your site may open it to non-desirable prying eyes that can be very harmful. Furthermore a non-strict patches policy to the core & contributed modules can also be a dangerous security risk.

SEO for Drupal sites

Is Your Drupal site configured for Optimal Search Engine results?

Google’s algorithms are thought to consider around 200 factors when deciding where a website will show up in its search results pages (SERP) for a particular keyword search. Fortunately Drupal is highly configurable to help influence the most decisive of those factors.

After applying our Interdruper SEO package, you will verify how your site improves its rankings only in several weeks.

Drupal Performance tuning

Forget the myth that Drupal sites are slow and heavy in resources. There are thousand of cases of high-traffic Drupal sites with excellent response times. The secret is to properly tune your site and to carry out the right multi-level cache policy.

Our Performance tuning Package can boost your response times and make fly to your Drupal site, both for anonymous and registered (with opened sessions) users.

Choose one or more of these essential packages for Drupal

SECURITY package

$ 999
  • Clean any existing hack in the site and in the database
  • Install pending core & contrib security updates
  • Remove risky contrib modules in Production (*)
  • Review user permissions and roles
  • Install anti-spam modules
  • ...and much more: up to 25 additional security checks to your Drupal site
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(*) If it does not affect requirements or they can be cleanly replaced.

SEO package

$ 499
  • Screaming Frog SEO tool report
  • Google Pagespeed report
  • Metatag module configuration: tags for FB, Twitter, etc...
  • Google Analytics / Google TagManager module configuration
  • XML Sitemap module configuration
  • Global Redirect module configuration
  • Broken links checker
  • URL aliases configuration (Pathauto)
  • Robots.txt revision
  • Semantic JSON/LD enrichment, Google structured data (+$199)
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$ 499
  • Dupal backend caches configuration: pages, blocks, views...
  • Detecting bottlenecks in configuration and code
  • Installing and configuring performance-improving modules
  • Configuration of OpCache, Memcache, Redis (if available)
  • Database optimization and defragmentation
  • CDN installation and setup (+$99)
  • Varnish installation and setup (+$199)
  • More than 10 additional measures to get a score of 80+ on the Google Pagespeed test!
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