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Security audits for Drupal sites

Drupalgeddon was a serious security incident happened in October 2014 that affected hundreds of thousands of Drupal sites all over the world. Due to a hidden PHP bug inside the Drupal core code, attackers could get control of the database and all the information kept inside. Since Drupal vulnerabilities are disclosed publicly, massive attacks to Drupal sites were performed just hours after the vulnerability was announced.

But none of the Drupal sites from our customers that were supervised by Interdruper were affected by the attack. That is because if the right security policies are followed in the Drupal sites and in their servers, even serious attacks like Drupalgeddon are highly limited.

But this unlikely bugs in the Drupal core code are not the most dangerous risks. A wrong or incomplete roles and permissions policy for the users of your site can open it to non-desirable prying eyes that can be very harmful. Furthermore a non-strict patches policy to the used contributed modules can also be a dangerous security risk.

Interdruper offers you comprehensive and quick security audits for your Drupal sites, for having peace of mind that your systems and information are properly protected.

Drupal performance tuning

Forget the myth that the Drupal sites are slow and heavy in resources. There are thousand of cases of high-traffic Drupal sites with excellent response times. The secret is to right tune your site and to carry out the proper multi-level cache policy.

Our Performance Tuning Package can boost your response times and make fly to your lazy Drupal site, both anonymous users and registered (with opened sessions).

Drupal sites load testing & scaling

Load and stress tests are very important to avoid failures when expected or unexpected traffic peaks happen. There are many tools and service providers of load and stress tests for websites, but very few able to translate the results to effective tuning and modifications in your Drupal sites.

Interdruper can also help you in designing the right servers architecture with high scalability in mind. Implementation of auto-scaling systems under cloud services, like Amazon AWS, are one of our specialities.

Drupal emergencies

The nightmare of every site administrator may break out at anytime. If you have Interdruper as a provider your team will not be alone. We are experts in recovering badly broken Drupal sites and databases in a really quick time. We yearn for not implementing this service to you ever... but just in case...